Emergency Trolley/Crash Cart
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Crash Cart

The main body of the cart is made of stainless steel. The upper table is made of robust antistatic-antibacterial ABS material with No1 surface brightness.There is a stable section to place mobile aspiration and ventilation devices.


There are 2 openable sections to put frequently used materials like gloves, cotton, medicines, serums and etc. There is a 360 ° swivel defibrillator table attached to the upper tray. There is a telescopic IV Pole. There are 5 or more drawers according to the need. The transparent drawers’ tags and colorful handles of the drawers help to find anything easily


Resuscitation board in front of the cart controls the drawers at the same time. There is a visible section to attach the tubes and to stock all the equipment. Trash container can be detach easily thanks to its splay. The lower plate is made of robust antistatic-antibacterial ABS material with NO1 surface brightness also. There are buffers on the cart against the crashes.

Crash CartCrash Cart






















Crash Cart has quite lockable wheels in the desired type, diameter and height. When we design the Emergency Trolley we inspired by the world brands. We used sealed locking system not the key lock system. Up to your needs, number of the drawers, measurements of the wheels and colors of the cart can be changed. 


Crash Cart is a perfect cart which is used in polyclinics, intensive care units, inpatient services and operating halls.