Treatment and Dressing Cart- Stainless Steel
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We designed treatment and dressing cart thanks to the opinions and advice of valuable doctors and nurses. Practical, easy to use carts are aiming to increase service quality of medical staff and to make their job easy.


Comfortable using thanks to;

  • A dustbin to collect contaminants after dressing,
  • Moving open areas to put supplies and liquid medicines,
  • Drawers to put medical devices,
  • Tray to prepare materials to use for intervention,

Firstly we tried to produce these trolleys with rotation plastic, but we saw that plastic causes a smell and static electricity. So it is not so suitable to use in hospitals. And now, we are using 304L quality stainless steel in the trunk of our trolleys which is the optimal material for hospital using.


Why Yellow? Yellow is the sign of happiness, productivity and efficiency. We wanted to move away from cold atmosphere of the stainless steel and add a little bit yellow to our trolley.

    All you need is this small, practical and absolutely functional trolley.