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Ultrasonic Cleaner


Ultrasonic Cleaner  <p> S.UCC.0XX </p>
Ultrasonic cleaning of standard surgical instruments and microsurgical instruments. The device provides ultrasonic effect with at least 16 piezo-electric crystals. It can be applied in different amounts upon request. The device has side handles for easy carryi

Tank capacities of the devices are 4-12-18-28-40-60-80 Liters. Ultrasonic operating frequency is in the range of 28-30 kHz. Heating Power varies between 150 and 2000 Watts as standard. Higher power heaters can be applied upon request.Ultrasonic peak power 150/2000 Watt at maximum point Working time setting, 1-99 minutes range, 1 minute with digital time setting can be adjusted at intervals. Temperature adjustment is made
by the digital thermostat in the range of 30-70 °C in 1 °C increments. The device has a de-gas operation function. There is a drain valve and a drain valve to drain the water in the device tank. One stainless steel wire basket and lid as standard with each device is given. Special production can be made upon request. Optional program memory specification may be added.